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VA Man sentenced for 25 DUI's in Alaska, Virginia, and Georgia!


Virginia man is charged for 25th DUI.

A Virginia Beach man who racked up at least 25 arrests for drunken driving in several states has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

The judge sentenced 39-year-old Tracy Michael Decker on Tuesday. Decker also has a license suspension for 20 years after DUI arrests in Virginia, Alabama and Georgia.

Decker spent more than four years in a Virginia prison after a 2006 arrest on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. His blood alcohol-content was .28, he had an open container misdemeanor charge and two 4-year-old children who were not in car seats. Decker was released from prison in 2010, but arrested for DUI in Alabama four times within eight months.

His new arrests violated the conditions of his release in Virginia.

This is yet another example of what not to do people. You can't fix stupidity.

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Thanks to the Kansas City Star and the Associated Press for the story.

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