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Overland Park Robbery Lawyer 

Experienced Defense Against Robbery Charges in Kansas 

Robbery charges are severe and can have significant consequences in Kansas. If you or a loved one is facing a robbery charge, securing the services of a skilled Overland Park robbery lawyer is essential. Gigstad Law Office, LLC is committed to offering expert representation to help you navigate these challenging circumstances. Understanding the nature of robbery charges and the available defenses is critical to managing your case effectively.

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What is Robbery?

Robbery involves the unlawful taking of property from another person through the use of force or threats. This crime differs from theft or burglary because it includes confrontation with the victim and the use or threat of violence. In Kansas, robbery is categorized into two types:

  • Simple Robbery: This type occurs when force or the threat of force is used to take property directly from another individual.
  • Aggravated Robbery: This type includes additional factors such as the use of a deadly weapon or causing bodily harm to the victim during the robbery.

What are the Penalties for Robbery in Kansas?

The penalties for robbery in Kansas are severe and can have long-lasting impacts on your life. The specific penalties depend on whether the charge is simple or aggravated robbery:

  • Simple Robbery:
    • Classified as a severity level 5 person felony.
    • Depending on prior criminal history, Potential imprisonment ranges from 31 to 136 months (approximately 2.5 to 11 years).
    • Fines and restitution to the victim.
    • Probation and mandatory counseling or rehabilitation programs.
  • Aggravated Robbery:
    • Classified as a severity level 3 person felony.
    • Depending on prior criminal history, potential imprisonment ranges from 55 to 247 months (approximately 4.5 to 20.5 years).
    • Higher fines and restitution to the victim.
    • Mandatory probation and participation in rehabilitation programs.

Defending Against Robbery Charges

Facing a robbery charge does not mean a conviction is inevitable. There are several potential defenses that an experienced Overland Park robbery lawyer can employ to challenge the prosecution's case:

  • Insufficient Evidence: Demonstrating that the evidence presented does not meet the burden of proof required to establish the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Wrongful Identification: Contending that the defendant was not the perpetrator of the robbery, supported by alibis or other evidence that clears the defendant.
  • Coercion or Duress: Arguing that the defendant was compelled to commit the robbery due to threats or pressure from another party, leaving them with no reasonable alternative.
  • Absence of Intent: Arguing that the defendant did not intend to use force or threats to take the property from the victim.
  • Baseless Accusations: Demonstrating that the charges are unfounded and possibly driven by motives such as personal grudges or misunderstandings.

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Robbery charges are complex and carry severe penalties that can dramatically alter your future. An experienced Overland Park robbery lawyer at Gigstad Law Office, LLC can provide the expert legal defense necessary to protect your rights and fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Whether through negotiating reduced charges, achieving a dismissal, or presenting a robust defense at trial, we are committed to delivering comprehensive legal support tailored to your unique situation.

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