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Potential Criminal Charges in Kansas from the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Orders


According to Kansas officials, law enforcement could soon start issuing criminal citations and fines if residents or businesses violate the Coronavirus / COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. These orders are currently in effect until 4/24/2020, but they could be extended, and enforcement could be ratcheted up as well.

Under the current order, trips to businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, doctor’s offices, hardware stores, dry cleaners, banks, restaurants, etc. that have been deemed “essential” are allowed. Please note that restaurants can only offer delivery or carryout.

Below are some examples of potential misdemeanor to felony charges that law enforcement in Kansas could issue to individuals or businesses:

  • Violating a Stay at Home Order
  • Knowingly concealing an infectious disease
  • Price gouging
  • Operating a Non-Essential Business
  • Using public parks or facilities that have been closed
  • Attempting to infect another person intentionally

Hopefully, everyone stays home and stays healthy for however long this situation lasts. However, if you need a criminal defense lawyer for a case in Kansas, contact Gigstad Law Office at 913-735-9529 to discuss your case today.