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Reasons Police Suspect You of DUI in Kansas.


Reasons Police Suspect You of DUI in Kansas.

There are reasons police suspect certain cars being impaired, I'm going to give you a run down from a list provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The following is a list provided by NHTSA in their publication "The Visual Detection of DWI Motorists". DOT HS-805-711.

This list is often used when training officers in DUI detection. After each symptom is a percentage which, according to NHTSA, indicates the chances that a driver is over the legal limit. Check out the list, and see if you agree... I do not.

  • Turning with wide radius - over 50%
  • Straddling center or lane marker - 65%
  • Appearing to be drunk - 60%
  • Almost striking object or vehicle - 60%
  • Weaving - 60%
  • Driving on other than designated roadway - 55%
  • Swerving - 55%
  • Slow Speed ( more than 10 below limit) - 50%
  • Stopping in traffic lane - 50%
  • Drifting - 50%
  • Following too closely - 45%
  • Tires on center or land marker - 45%
  • Braking erratically - 45%
  • Driving into opposing or crossing traffic - 45%
  • Signaling inconsistent with driving actions - 40%
  • Stopping inappropriately (other than in lane) - 35%
  • Turning abruptly or illegally - 35%
  • Accelerating or Decelerating quickly - %30
  • Headlights off - 30%

As you can see according to this list, anytime someone is following you too closely they have a 45% chance of being over the legal limit...

Interesting food for thought on how our police officers are being trained by NHTSA, MADD, and the rest of the politics of the DUI machine.

Also useful information to avoid looking like a "drunk driver". Remember don't follow anyone too closely, hit your brakes erratically, or accelerate rapidly, an officer might think you are DUI!

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