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Attorney Gigstad Completes the 2021 Leadership Overland Park Program


We are pleased to share the news that community leaders selected Attorney Robert C. Gigstad to participate in the Leadership Overland Park (LOP) program, a course sponsored by the Overland Park Chamber Foundation. Nominated by city leaders, course participants share the common goal of inspiring and training future leaders who will better their community. The Overland Park Chamber Foundation is a 501(c)3 committed to leadership training and outreach that inspires current and future leaders. The program Attorney Gigstad completed was six months long, and participants finished ten full-day sessions beginning in January 2021.

The LOP program cultivates leadership skills and teaches economic principles. Additionally, the program covers the details of Overland Park city management, including regional history, education, politics, and relative current events impacting the area. Every city and community faces challenges, and the LOP program cultivates civic-minded leaders who learn to synthesis everything they know about the area and its challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. At the end of the LOP program, participants have a keen grasp of the community's challenges and learn the benefits of cooperative decision-making as part of a team.

Participants completing the course walked away with:

  • Knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the community
  • Understanding how their community leaders serve
  • Recognition for the relationship between public organizations and private citizens
  • Curiosity and excitement over the dynamic possibilities and potential for Overland Park
  • A big picture perspective of the region
  • Networking capabilities within the community and expanding contacts within the region
  • More developed, higher-level leadership skills
  • A keen eye for opportunities to serve the community

The 2021 Overland Park LOP class had the opportunity to learn a great deal about dedication and unpredictability. If the area leaders are tasked with taking charge and making a better tomorrow, this year’s LOP class has put in the work and is up to the challenge. They completed their courses regardless of their circumstances, and Attorney Gigstad was among those excited about the future before Overland Park. By acknowledging the challenges of the community, leaders are in the best position to enact change and improvements to strengthen business and familial ties to the area. The class shared their goals for Overland Park and left the course empowered to make those goals a reality. Those who participated in the program share a commitment to the city and region and desire to make the region a destination for families and businesses alike.

Attorney Gigstad is an award-winning lawyer who is committed to improving his community and fighting for the rights of his clients. Call us today at (888) 387-2036 to schedule a consultation, or you can request more information online right now.