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The Importance of Knowledgeable DUI Defense Counsel


Attorney Robert C. Gigstad recently attended a Standardized Field Sobriety Testing course, a CLE event aimed at giving attorneys insight into the latest SFST procedures and scoring used by local law enforcement. Attorney Gigstad only attended the course as a refresher-- in fact, he is already certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, meaning he's received the same training in DUI stops as police officers.

So why did he attend? Because DUI law is one of the most dynamic and science-based branches of criminal law that we have and to properly practice it requires ongoing vigilance on the newest laws, sciences, and technologies that are used to enforce it.

Why is continuing DUI education so important?

It's true: most branches of criminal law and even civil law require some form of diligence by attorneys to ensure that they are familiar with the latest laws, court precedents, and potential complications of their practice area. However, DUI law perhaps changes at a rate much faster and more dramatic than other branches of the law.

Why is DUI law constantly changing?

  • Advances in law enforcement technology: breathalyzer technology is still progressing-- as is law enforcement's access to warrants during DUI stops due to new communication capabilities and law enforcement surveillance technology (such as dashboard and body cameras).
  • Advances in science: marijuana DUI is a rising concern in many states and there is still not reliable science behind the tests law enforcement uses to determine whether a driver is impaired by marijuana.
  • Advances in the law: is forcibly taking blood from a DUI suspect a search and seizure issue? Do DUI checkpoints require probable cause? DUI policing methods are constantly bumping up against the constitutional rights of citizens and the latest high court decisions could have a bearing on new arrests.

Why choose Gigstad Law Office, LLC?

At our firm, we recognize that the DUI law landscape is always changing and that those changes could have a direct effect on the lives of our clients. That is why we remain committed to being familiar with the latest DUI law developments and take every opportunity to stay informed and provide accused drivers with the most effective counsel possible.

Have you been charged with driving under the influence? If so, a guilty plea may not be your only option. At Gigstad Law Office, LLC, our Overland Park DUI defense attorney continually stays engaged with the latest developments in the DUI practice area and has time and time again used that insight to provide favorable results for our DUI clients.

Start exploring your legal options with a proven and knowledgeable legal advocate. Call our firm at 888.387.2036 today.