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Kansas City Metro DUI Update: NYE 2016 Edition


Kansas City Metro DUI Update: NYE 2016 Edition

Kansas City Area DUI Checkpoint Update: 12/31/15 - New Year's Eve Edition.

Here's what we know so far:

1.  Olathe Police have announced they will be having a DUI saturation patrol, meaning around 10 to 20 extra officers out on patrol specifically looking for any reason they can find to pull you over and check for DUI.  Also per their news release "we will also be engaged in strict enforcement of the seat belt laws".  This is code for  pulling over a lot of people.  

This is all the news we have as of now, as always we'll update as we learn more. Moral of the story for NYE or any night for that matter is DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE, it's always cheaper to designate a driver or get a cab! Be safe out there, and have a Happy New Year!

For more information on DUI Stops check out our blog article.

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