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Attorney Robert Gigstad Attends CLE Seminar on Breathalyzer Procedure


On May 8, Founding Attorney Robert Gigstad attended a CLE (continuing legal education) seminar on the newest breathalyzer equipment and procedures being used in Missouri and Kansas. The seminar, "Science of Breath Testing in Missouri & Kansas: Procedure and Rules," has held former law enforcement officer and DUI educator Travis Jones.

The "Science of Breath Testing in Missouri & Kansas: Procedure and Rules" seminar was held to provide court practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of how breathalyzers play an essential factor in DUI stops, arrests, and convictions in not just Missouri, but in Kansas, as well. Among the topics covered included:

  • Breathalyzer operator training
  • Required breathalyzer maintenance
  • Proper breathalyzer test administration and procedure
  • Breathalyzer manufacturer guidelines
  • Description of preliminary breath testing units

Travis Jones spent 13 years as a St. Louis area law enforcement officer. Since 2010, he has been providing law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge DUI education. He has testified in over 150 cases as both an expert witness on DUI and breathalyzer procedure and as a seasoned automotive crash investigator. He has years of experience not only educating law enforcement agencies, but also attorneys and judicial conferences.

Attorney Gigstad is committed to providing his clients the most knowledgeable and comprehensive counsel possible. His attendance to last week's CLE seminar is just one more way our firm ensures that we bring our clients the highest quality service as we help them navigate their DUI charge.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a DUI or other crime, then we invite you to contact Gigstad Law Office, LLC today. Our dedicated Overland Park DUI defense attorney has time and time again provided staunch advocacy for clients who needed their voice heard in a court of law.

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