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New NFL DUI / Drunk Driving Policy


New NFL DUI / Drunk Driving Policy

The NFL is about to institute a new policy for players accused of DUI charges. The current policy is that a player charged with DUI / Drunk Driving charges is fined two game checks, but is not required to miss any actual time on the field. The new proposed zero tolerance policy would result in a fine of one game check, and a one game suspension. This zero tolerance policy means that this is the result on the player regardless of if they are actually found guilty of the offense in a court of law, meaning the suspension is automatic. With the rise in recent years of NFL players being in the news for DUI related offenses, this new policy has the goal of trying to prevent players from even thinking about driving if impaired. It sounds like there are still some details to work out, but change is coming for these NFL players. Good thing the NFL doesn't run our courts...

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Thanks to Mike Edler and the Sports World News for the story.