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NFL Star Adam "Pacman" Jones Arrested Again...


NFL Star Adam "Pacman" Jones Arrested Again...

Jones arrested again, this time during a DUI stop, and he wasn't even the driver.

Mr. Jones was a passenger car pulled over Monday morning in Ohio. According to the police reports, "Pacman" got into a verbal altercation with the officers while they were performing field sobriety tests on the driver who was a female friend.

After the altercation, the star cornerback of the Bengals was issued a citation for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor charge. The driver was also arrested for a DUI.

The reason this is newsworthy nationwide is because Jones has been arrested 8 times since coming into the NFL in 2005... Definitely not the reason you want to be in the headlines!

It's unlikely the team or the NFL will decide whether a suspension is appropriate until the case has come to a resolution in court.

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