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High Ranking Police caught lying about DUI arrests...


High Ranking Police caught lying about DUI arrests...

In news out of Des Plaines, Illinois a couple of weeks ago, the police commander was charged with lying about DUI arrests. According to the US Attorney Gary S. Shapiro, Commander Timothy J. Veit was caught creating 122 bogus drunk driving arrests between 2009 and 2012... These bogus arrests led to a revenue boost to the department of $132,893!!! The $132,893 came from federal programs designed for DUI enforcement, etc. In 2010 alone Commander Veit reported there were 47 DUI arrests, when in actuality there were only 8. For each of the cases they also made up fake Blood Alcohol Content readings. This is an example of corruption at it's finest... The discrepancies were discovered in March 2012 and Commander Veit was allowed to retire. Veit is currently charged with one felony count of making false statements, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000, though it is unlikely he will serve near that much time. See the full story here.

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