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New Study Shows Diet Soda May Increase Blood Alcohol Content.


New Study Shows Diet Soda May Increase Blood Alcohol Content.

Is this yet another reason not to drink diet soda? This new study by Professor Cecile Marczinski suggests that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (found in many diet sodas) vs. regular mixers increase the Breath Alcohol Concentrations in both male and female social drinkers.

The researchers tested 3 different drinks:

  • vodka mixed with sugar sweetened regular Squirt soda
  • vodka mixed with diet Squirt
  • a placebo drink

Breath alcohol concentrations were significantly higher for test subjects who consumed the diet Squirt soda and vodka mix than for subjects who consumed the regular regular Squirt soda and vodka mix. The interesting part is that the subjects didn't feel noticeably more intoxicated.

The conclusion of this study was that the diet soda combo with alcohol led to a higher breath alcohol concentration, than the people drinking the same amount of alcohol with regular soda. Just something to keep in mind next time you are out. Here's a link to the full study.

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