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Man gets arrested for DUI on a Horse!


Kentucky man arrested for a DUI on a Horse!

We came across this story out of Kentucky. It is rare, but occasionally we do see these stories of people getting DUI's on bikes, horses, golf carts, etc. Most people don't realize that while in most state's the DUI laws include the language "operating a vehicle" that the term "vehicle" can be very broadly construed to include horses. See below for the story:

"JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - He's charged with an unusual crime. A man arrested for a DUI on a horse.

It's a crime that sheriff's deputies in Jessamine County say was a first for them, but the man who's charged in the case says he just as shocked as authorities.

"I had know idea you could be arrested for something like this," Danny Reynolds said.

Reynolds, 55, said he was trail-riding with some friends on John Watts Road near his home when he had to stop and take a break.

"I'm severely diabetic, so I stopped to eat some crackers to bring my sugar levels down when the deputy arrived and told me to get off my horse," he said.

Reynolds admits to drinking a couple of beers. "I normally don't drink, but we were celebrating my son's birthday."

He claims his diabetes made him light-headed when the deputy told him to get down, and that's why he staggered, not because he was drunk.

"The deputy said he wasn't going to arrest me until I started to stagger," Reynolds said. "That's when he placed me under arrest and took me to jail."

According the arrest citation Reynold's blood alcohol level was two-times over the legal limit. The arresting deputy stated "Upon a search of his pockets I located a package of rolling papers and a baggie of marajuana."

The deputy went on to say "Subject (Reynolds) had several beers in his saddle bag and a mason jar which he identified as moonshine.

"I've never seen it and I've been on the department for 23 years," said Chief Deputy Allen Peel, with the Jessamine County Sheriff's Office.

"It's a very unique case," said Peel. "But he could have swerved into a car, causing danger to himself and others."

"I really didn't mean to cause any harm," Reynolds said. "I definitely learned my lesson and I hope other riders pay attention."

Reynolds is charged with non-motor vehicle under the influence, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He will answer to the charges in two-weeks.

Kentucky law (KRS 189.520) prohibits the operation of a non-motorized vehicle (a vehicle that is not a motor vehicle) while under the influence of intoxicants or substance which may impair a person’s driving ability. That includes, those who are riding horses, bicycles, skateboards, etc."

Thanks to Andy Cunningham and WKYT News for the story.

As always the best way to avoid getting a DUI is simply not to drink and drive. It's much safer and cheaper to take a cab or arrange a DD. However, if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI or other criminal charges in Kansas (Both Misdemeanors and Felonies), contact our office in Overland Park, KS today for a free case evaluation with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney.