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Man charged with DUI with a Zebra and Parrot in his truck.


Some interesting news out of Iowa....

An Iowa man who was stopped outside a bar in Dubuque had a small zebra and a parrot in his truck and has been charged with DUI.

Officers arrested 56-year-old Jerald Reiter on Sunday in the parking lot of the Dog House bar, where people had been taking photos of the animals.

Reiter says the zebra and macaw parrot are pets, and that they like riding in the truck. Reiter also said that he sometimes takes the animals into the bar, but the owner says they're not allowed inside.

Officers gave Reiter field sobriety tests and charged him with DUI. Reiter is disputing the arrest, and says he was about to let a someone else drive the car.

Thanks to KCRG-TV for the information.

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