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DWI Checkpoint on I-435 in Missouri caused major problems on 6/8-6/9....


DWI Checkpoint on I-435 in Missouri caused major problems on 6/8-6/9....

This last weekend the Platte County Sheriff's Dept., and the Missouri Highway Patrol had a checkpoint on I-435, needless to say things didn't go so well for them, and the checkpoint ended up being a huge hassle for nearly 1000 people. See the story from Zach Tecklenburg and KSHB 41 News below:

Interstate 435 checkpoint catches drunk drivers, causes headaches for others

"PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. - A sobriety checkpoint late Friday night into early Saturday morning took six drunk drivers off the road, but left hundreds others stuck in a line lasting more than one hour.

The Missouri Highway Patrol and Platte County Sheriffs deputies opened the checkpoint at the Missouri Highway 45 exit at Interstate 435 just after 10 p.m. last night. A highway patrol spokesman said the area was selected because of past incidents involving drunk driving offenses.

But the checkpoint quickly became a bottleneck for motorists waiting to go through. In an effort to relieve the bottleneck, officials eventually let more than 780 motorists, some who had been waiting for an hour, to proceed through without a screen.

Ethan Burr works at a nearby gas station. He says he saw the frustration on drivers' faces. One man even ran out of gas and came carrying a gas can.

"People were stuck in it that were just getting off work. They were frustrated," said Burr.

Authorities were able to screen 691 motorists, six of which were arrested for driving while intoxicated. An additional 43 motorists were given various warnings, while 10 others received other citations or arrests."

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