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Man arrested for DUI while driving car on subway tracks


I was reading through the paper and saw this story about a guy in California who was charged with DUI and multiple other traffic tickets, read on for an example of what not to do...

This man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) Thursday over allegations he shut down San Francisco's subway system for more than two hours after driving his SUV onto the underground tracks, police said.

Scott Mitchell, 40, of Sebastapol, Calif., also has been charged with driving on train tracks and failure to obey a traffic sign, no doubt telling him not to drive on the traintracks, according to a police spokesman.

Luckily no injuries were reported as Mitchell was cited and released.

Police said: "It appears he just drove into the tunnel and his vehicle got stuck when it hit a concrete step," "We believe he was under the influence of alcohol. It's very fortunate that nobody was injured."

No trains were involved in the incident, Rose said.

Tyrone Julian, a Municipal train manager, said he saw the SUV going about 40 mph into the tunnel and chased it down. The driver appeared intoxicated, Julian said.

All underground train lines were shut down during the morning commute while crews removed the vehicle and inspected the system. Trains resumed service by 8:15 a.m.

Some damage was done to the tracks, but crews would do repairs with trains moving slower through the affected area, Rose said.

Thanks to the associated press for the story.

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