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Kansas City Missouri Police announce DUI Checkpoint for 2/24 - 2/26.


Kansas City Missouri Police Announce DUI Checkpoint for 2/24 - 2/26

Kansas City police will operate a DUI sobriety checkpoint this weekend.

The time and location of the checkpoint was not disclosed, except that it will be conducted sometime Friday through Sunday at a location known for drunken-driving-related crashes or arrests.

While the checkpoint is operating, police will place signs in advance of the checkpoint and officers will be on the street directing traffic.

Motorists will be directed to an area where an officer can determine whether the motorists should undergo Field Sobriety Tests to determine whether they are driving drunk.

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Since No details have been disclosed as to time or location we will update as we get the information. It's standard operating procedure for KCMO to not release location or time of these checkpoints, so just be careful.

Always safer and cheaper to designate a driver or take a taxi.

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