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Weekend DUI Checkpoint Update: 8/24 - 8/26


Weekend DUI Checkpoint Update: 8/24 - 8/26

More of the same this weekend folks, Kansas continues it's campaign against drunk driving which runs through Labor Day weekend.

Here is what we've heard so far:

1. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol they, along with seven other local law enforcement agencies will be conducting a DUI Checkpoint in Johnson County, KS on Saturday, August 25th into the morning of Sunday August 26th. The location is unknown.

2. Kansas City Missouri Police have announced they will also be conducting a checkpoint this weekend in an area know for drunk driving related accidents. A new tactic KCMO Police are also employing is using large photos of people killed in drunk driving related accidents at the DUI checkpoints.

We will update as we learn more, have a safe weekend!

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