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Randy Travis busted for DUI, also naked and threatening to kill cops.....


Randy Travis busted for DUI, also naked and threatening to kill cops.....

Country music icon Randy Travis is at it again. In February of this year Randy Travis was found in a church parking lot drinking wine in the early hours of the morning, and was charged with public intoxication, but according to reports he has really upped the ante on his behavior this time.

According to reports, Last night (8/7/12) police arrived to the scene of an accident near Tioga, TX, where apparently Travis had wrecked his 1998 Trans Am into road construction. Upon arrival Travis was found naked on the road and proceeded to threaten the troopers lives. He was taken into custody, and is being charged with DUI, and a felony charge of retaliation and obstruction. He did refuse field sobriety tests, but the police did get a blood draw of which the results are still pending. Travis was arraigned and released on $21,500 bond Wednesday, August 8th.

Travis is the artist of 16 #1 country singles, including my personal favorite "On the Other Hand".

UPDATE: 8/13/12

Apparently the night of these events Randy stopped by a convenience store to pick up a pack of cigarattes, a Tiger Mart of which he is apparently a frequent customer, however this trip he came into the store naked.

The store employee Scott Robinson told the tale to San Antonio's WOAI-TV. Here is a little bit of the exchange: "He walked up and I said, 'What are you doing?' He ordered a couple packs of cigarettes, just like anybody would order a pack of cigarettes--except he was naked. I said, 'What are you doing in the store naked?' And he said, 'Just give me the cigarettes' . . . He was looking at his hands and he didn't have any money on him. I was looking at him I said, 'How do you plan on paying for these?' He just kind of gave up and left. I had no idea it was a famous person."

As the details from this night continue to come out things are looking worse and worse for Randy Travis. The police still haven't released the video from the stop, but from the sound of things he was definitely on some type of drugs, or had consumed large amounts of alcohol.

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