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Officer Admits Only About Half of the People he has Arrested for DUI were found to be Intoxicated.


A Pennsylvania police officer admitted on the stand that only about half of the people he has arrested for DUI were actually found to be under the influence. This causes real reason for people to be skeptical of DUI charges, DUI checkpoints, etc. If this isn't evidence that "some" officers are simply writing people up for the funds generated to the various states, counties, and municipalities, and or pressure to write DUI's by their superiors, then I don't know what is.

In Philadelphia, PA a state prosecutor is criticizing a Philly Judge's decision to supress evidence in the arrest of a Philadelphia Lawmaker ( Rep. Cherelle Parker). During a court appearance in late September, police testified that Parker was pulled over around midnight on April 30 after she was seen driving the wrong way down a one-way section of Haines Street.

The Judge in this case, Judge Hayden stated that his biggest concerns with the officer's testimony in this case were as follows: One officer testified that he considered someone to be driving under the influence after consuming only one beer. And another officer testified that only about half the people he's arrested for DUI were found to be intoxicated. Judge Hayden stated, "This raises serious doubts about the police officer's voracity and ability to observe," Judge Hayden ruled in early November to suppress all evidence in the case after determining that Officers Israel Miranda and Stephanie Allen's testimony was "impossible" for the court to accept.

This is a very very rare occasion where an officer actually admitted something like this..... and it really makes you question the reliability of these criminal investigations.

Thanks to Aaron Moselle and NewsWorks for covering the story.

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