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Frequently Asked Questions about DUI's in Kansas


Frequently Asked Questions about DUI in Kansas

What happens if I've been arrested for DUI in Kansas?

In Kansas once you are arrested you are facing two completely separate actions. The first action concerns the suspension of your driving privileges and this is conducted by the Kansas Department of Revenue. The other is the criminal charges that you will face in court. It is in your best interest to consult an experienced Kansas DUI attorney regarding both of these as soon as you can. In Kansas,you have just 14 calendar days to request an administrative hearing following the date of a breath test failure or breath test refusal, and if you fail to appear or lose the hearing, your driver's license will be suspended. You need to act quick if you are needed to properly defend both cases.

If tests show I was intoxicated, is there any defense?

Police officers rely on a wide variety of tests to determine impairment. The tests given to detect blood alcohol concentration or whether or not you were impaired are not an exact science. Field Sobriety Tests can be given incorrectly and the results rely on the subjective opinion and observations of the officer who gave the tests. Blood Tests be faulty when the methods used to take, preserve and test the blood sample are improperly done. Breath Tests can be also be challenged as many factors may affect the results.

What if I'm found guilty?

Every case is different, and it depends on what exact DUI offense you have been charged with, the severity of the crime and your prior criminal history. Generally DUI offenses are penalized by fines, community service, driver's license suspension, and or jail time. In addition, you will have to attend an alcohol awareness program, and potential treatment classes. In some cases, an ignition interlock device will be installed in your car. For more serious charges such as Felony DUI , or DUI's involving an Accident the penalties can increase substantially.

What if I just want to plead guilty and get on with my life?

At Gigstad Law Office LLC we focus the scope of our practice to concentrate on defending people charged with drunk driving related offenses and work to obtain the best results for our clients. Your freedoms and rights are at stake, and with a knowledgeable attorney working for you, there are many times when your charges can either be reduced, or dismissed which could result in the penalties you face being significantly diminished.

If you have any specific questions on DUI charges, contact a Kansas DUI Attorney from our office in Overland Park, Kansas today.