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One of the most common reasons for arrest in Kansas is DUI, and as a result repeat offenders often appear in our courts. Many repeat offender arrests occur after a traffic stop. You may not have known that an officer must have reasonable cause for stopping you. At the time of a stop the officer is already looking for signs of intoxication. Upon noticing such a sign the officer begins a DUI investigation. If you agreed to take part in a Field Sobriety Test (FST), you may have thought you passed and were surprised to be arrested and then subjected to a blood or breath test. If you have two prior convictions or more, you may be facing felony DUI charges and are strongly urged to talk with an Overland Park criminal defense attorney at once.

Felony DUI Lawyer in Overland Park

A person arrested for DUI with two prior DUI convictions may face criminal charges if the last conviction occurred within 10 years. Even a diversion with a dismissal will count against you. The 10 year period does not include any time of imprisonment. A driver may also be charged with felony DUI if an accident took place which resulted in serious injury or death. During a DUI investigation the officer will ask questions such as "How much have you had to drink?" in order to gain incriminating evidence against you. If you answer any questions you could create problems for yourself, and exercising your right to remain silent is important. The safest thing to do is say nothing, and contact our firm. A trusted DUI defense lawyer at our firm is committed to representing the criminally accused, and in fighting felony drunk driving charges. We are prepared to investigate the circumstances of your arrest to find any possible flaws in the prosecution's case to exploit for your defense case.

Kansas prosecutors are energetic in seeking convictions in DUI cases. The penalties for conviction of felony DUI include imprisonment, large fines, ignition interlock device, mandatory drug and alcohol program, driver's license suspension or revocation, and a permanent criminal record. Just because you have been arrested and charged does not automatically mean you will be convicted. A skilled criminal defense lawyer at our firm is fully familiar with the mistakes which law enforcement personnel can make and could use them to your advantage. Call Gigstad Law Office, LLC to discuss the circumstances of your arrest during a free initial consultation.

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