Disorderly Conduct

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If someone misinterprets the intent of your words, you could potentially get charged for disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor crime. Gigstad Law Office, LLC and our Overland Park criminal defense lawyer can provide you with highly-experienced, highly-acclaimed legal representation if you have found yourself in such a situation.

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A class C misdemeanor in Kansas is typically penalized by 30 days in jail and a $500 fine. The lingering mark on your criminal record may also turn away future employment opportunities. Do what you can to fight against a conviction by teaming up with us today. Call 888.387.2036 to begin.

Legal Definition of Disorderly Conduct

You can be charged for disorderly conduct if you cause or participate in any act, including speech, that could alarm, upset, disturb, or provoke a reasonable individual. This definition can act as a general "catch all" for most activities depending on the result of those actions, but the legal statute generally only pertains to three scenarios.

Disorderly conduct is usually considered to be:

  • Fighting in public, even if all other participants willingly engaged in the brawl.
  • Intentionally using insulting or aggravating words to try to incite another person.
  • Attempting to break up a lawful assembly of people.
  • Creating a noisy, disruptive scene to worry or concern others.

There is some gray area within the definition of disorderly conduct, namely when it comes to what is actually considered "fighting words." By some accounts, a fighting word is only a word or phrase that is known to trigger immediate insult, injury, or anger in the listener. For this reason, disorderly conduct could be linked to a hate crime, depending on what was said to disturb the peace.

Defense to Disorderly Conduct Charges

Since there is some room for interpretation in the disorderly conduct legal statute, our Overland Park criminal defense attorney can use this to your advantage. With years of criminal defense experience and a proven track record of success, we have become familiar with all sorts of prosecutorial strategies and how to counter them. We might be able to argue that your words or actions were not intended to be upsetting, that your fight in public was in your self-defense, that you understandably thought you had the right to disrupt a gathering of people, and so on. It all begins with analyzing your case front to back, top to bottom, as to not miss any crucial details. The end result is creating a defense case that pursues only the best possible outcome for you.

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