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Alcoholic Court Reporter Goes Off the Deep End.


Alcoholic Court Reporter Goes Off the Deep End.

Apparently court reporter Daniel Kochanski was sick of his job, because during a trial he repeatedly typed "I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job" and other gibberish, instead of the actual dialogue of the court.. This is reported to have affected at least 30 cases in the Manhattan, NY court. Mr. Kochanski has since been relieved the the job he apparently hated so much.

According to his ex-wife Heather "The pressure of that job pushed him over the edge, leading him to lose everything.” Apparently he has battled a alcohol abuse problem the over the course of the last 5 years that has cost him his job, and his marriage.

This is a case of a funny headline, but the truth is it's not funny when you see what alcoholism can cost someone with both their personal and professional lives as it did in this case.

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Thanks to the New York Post for the story.