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Wisconsin Man Dies One Day After Police Stun him during DUI Arrest.


Wisconsin Man Dies One Day After Police Stun him during DUI Arrest.

I came across this story today, it's sad the lengths to which the police, prosecutors, and MADD are taking their war on Drunk Driving. Something like this is completely unnecessary when the police are dealing with someone for a DUI or Drunk Driving charge. See the story below:

"WEST ALLIS, Wis. —The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office is reviewing the death of a West Allis man less than a day after he fought with police and stunned with an electronic stun weapon.

Robert Maurina died late last month, about a day after his arrest on drunken driving charges.

The medical examiner's office is waiting for the toxicology results on Maurina's blood. It's hoping they will shed some light on whether on his death and his arrest are related.

The trouble started inside the West Allis Police Department early Nov. 28 when 46-year-old Maurina showed up to pick up his girlfriend, who had been arrested on drunken driving charges.

Police said they noticed he, too, had been drinking and arrested him. It was his fifth drunken driving arrest, according to court records.

While at the West Allis hospital where he was taken to get a blood sample, police said Maurina started fighting with officers and medical staff.

"During the arrest and obtaining a specimen for our investigation for the OWI, the person was combative and restrained by our officers," acting West Allis Police Chief Charles Padgett said.

They used an electronic stun weapon on his side to gain control. The next day, he was found dead in his home.

Police called the district attorney in to help review the case after learning Maurina was dead.

Padgett said he's confident the arrest was handled appropriately.

"As soon as we found out that he'd been in custody the day before, to make sure that everything was investigated thoroughly, and I'm confident that from everything I know that I've seen that things were handled properly," Padgett said.

According to this medical examiner's report, Maurina has a history of heavy drinking and also had heart problems. The results of the autopsy could take weeks.

None of the officers involved have been suspended or placed on administrative duty."

Thanks to for the story.

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