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Arrested for a DUI in Kansas? What do I do now?


Arrested for a DUI in Kansas? What do I do now?

What to do if you have been arrested for a DUI in Kansas?

1. Take a Deep Breath, and Calm Down!

If you’ve been arrested for DUI or drunk driving in Kansas, you’re probably pretty shaken up. But it's important to know that many others have been in your exact situation, and much worse situations. It is possible to make it through this without too much damage to your life, career, and family. It is also possible to keep out of jail, and keep your driver's license. So take a deep breath, calm down, and don't be too hard on your self. There is hope, and there is a way to minimize the damage, see our past case results or client testimonials from other people facing situations similar to yours.

2. Find an Experienced Attorney you are comfortable working with.

The first call you need to make is to an experienced Overland Park DUI Lawyer at Gigstad Law Office. The legal team there understands that you, like most of their clients, have likely never been in trouble before and have just made a mistake or you may be the victim of an over-zealous police officer who arrested you without enough proof to stand up in court. Whatever your situation, Gigstad Law Office can sort it all out, explain your options and help you with both your criminal process and your Driver's License Administrative Hearing.

3. Request a Driver's License Hearing!

At the time of arrest, the officer confiscated your driver’s license, and later gave you a (Pink Sheet) Temporary License known as a DC-27. The Temporary License expires in 30 days, along with your ability to drive, unless you take immediate action within 14 days. An experienced DUI lawyer will quickly contact the Kansas Department of Revenue to request a Driver's License hearing to defend your driving privileges. In many cases your attorney can help you keep your right to drive!

4. Follow your Attorney's Advice.

If you have followed the steps above and hired an experienced DUI lawyer who has handled similar DUI cases in your area, you can now relax and let them do their job. They’ll tell you what they need from you. Take notes during meetings and phone calls, and always confirm “next steps” with follow-up emails in order to maintain clear communications and expectations.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your case personally with Attorney Robert Gigstad, call his office at (913)735-9529 to schedule a free case evaluation or contact him via email..