NFL RB Knowshon Moreno busted for DUI, License Plate read "Sauced".

This story is almost beyond belief...

The Denver Broncos Running Back Knowshon Moreno was popped for DUI on 2/1/12. He was pulled over while speeding 70 in a 45 in a construction zone in his Bentley convertible, but here is the kicker, his license plate read "sauced". I don't know what other meanings there might be for "sauced", but the only one I'm familiar with is that you are drunk, and when in a car that would lead someone (the cops) to believe you are driving drunk. He might as well have had "PULLOVR", "IMHMMRD", or "NTOXC8D"....

Once you add on top that he smelled like alcohol and the fact that he did perform the field sobriety tests and did poorly on them, the police arrested him for DUI.

Getting personalized license plated that insinuate that you are driving under the influence is a very good way to get pulled over, yet another lesson of something not to do....

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