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Underage Drinking Penalties in Kansas, and the Royals' Bubba Starling


On September 29th, 2011, 5 of the Kansas City Royals Prospects were stopped at a DUI Checkpoint in Tempe, Arizona. 3 of the prospects including the Royals first round draft pick Bubba Starling were cited for underage drinking. Not the publicity the Royals are obviously looking for regarding their first round pick.

In Kansas the penalties for a Minor in Possession of Alcohol are as follows:

1st Offense:

Up to 30 days in Jail,

Minimum of a $200 fine,

Up to 40 hours of community service,

Attendance in an alcohol education program,

and a suspended driver's license for 30 days.

Many people think charges like an MIP or MIC are not serious charges, but the fact of the matter is that they can be, and they can have a serious effect on your future. If have a child that has been charged with underage drinking, or you yourself are under 21 and have been charged it is imperitive that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area to discuss your options today.

With technology these days it is very cheap to do criminal background checks, and the fact of the matter is that potential employers do perform these background checks. Many professional career opportunities such as going into the military, government, or law enforcement could be hurt by you having a criminal charge on your record. If you are a student, a criminal conviction for possession of alcohol could impact a scholarship or admission to that school.

I'll guarantee you Bubba Starling has an attorney representing him to get him the best possible outcome in his case. Contact our office to speak with an Overland Park Criminal Defense Attorney today.