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Juvenile Crime Defense: Protecting the Rights of Young People

Young people sometimes do not stop to think before they act. Most of the time these actions don't have serious repercussions, and there is no lasting harm. When peer pressure or rebellion causes them to run afoul of the law, a parent can feel uncertain about what to do. An established Overland Park criminal defense attorney can help you to understand your child's legal situation and rights, as well as the possible options which will help you to make an informed decision.

Juvenile Defense Lawyer in Overland Park

Sometimes juveniles are seen as an easy scapegoat and wrongly held responsible for some criminal offense. In some cases a minor was simply in the company of friends who violated the law and winds up mistakenly accused. The variety of errors in judgment a child can make or ways a minor can get into trouble are almost unlimited. The Juvenile court system works to rehabilitate and educate minors who have mistakenly or deliberately committed an offense and makes every effort to differentiate between the two. For this reason, it is preferable to keep a young person in the juvenile system rather than tried as an adult. Depending upon the child's age and the seriousness of the crime a prosecutor may seek to have a minor tried in an adult court. To ensure that your child's rights are fully protected and that your child is provided with a professional and aggressive defense, choose a juvenile crime lawyer who is fully familiar with both court systems and will do everything possible to fight for the future of your child.

Common juvenile offenses include: Minor in possession of alcohol, Minor in consumption of alcohol, drug crimes, theft crimes, vandalism, sex crimes, DUI, and violent crimes. In short, juveniles can commit all the same crimes as an adult plus a few more. A juvenile who is convicted may not be eligible for expungement. This means he or she has a permanent criminal record which can have a drastic affect in the future, even after reaching the age of majority. A criminal defense lawyer at our firm is committed to keeping juveniles out of the justice system and in fighting for their rights . Call Attorney Robert C. Gigstad to discuss your concerns and get your questions answered.

If you or your child is in need of professional defense, contact an Overland juvenile crime lawyerat our firm who is passionate about protecting the rights of minors.

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