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To most people, getting a traffic ticket or committing a simple traffic offense, is not a big deal. Many people do not consider traffic offenses as criminal offenses, however, certain traffic violations can lead to serious fines and penalties. Paying your ticket right away, may sound harmless enough, but in the state of Kansas, once a ticket is paid it counts as a conviction on your driving record. Traffic offense convictions are not only reported on your driving record, they are also reported to the state and your insurance company. Your employer and future employers could have access to those records in the future as well. Common traffic offenses in the state of Kansas are:

When someone is convicted of a traffic offense, they are more than likely going to face raised insurance rates, restricted driving privileges, fines and possible jail time depending on the offense. Moving violations will stay on your driving record for three years, even after you have paid the fine and admitted guilt.

Three moving violations of any kind (e.g. speeding, going through a red light, failure to yield, reckless driving, passing a school bus and others) could result in your driver's license being suspended for 30 days or more. Three major traffic offense convictions within a five year period could result in losing your license for up to three years. It should also be noted that in Kansas there is no restricted license option for people who need to drive to work, so resolving traffic offenses becomes even more important.

Of course, the best time to fight or dispute a traffic offense is before the ticket is paid. Whether you have been charged with a major traffic offense, or have multiple minor citations, you need to contact an Overland Park criminal defense attorney at our firm. We will evaluate your specific situation and advise you of the best legal options.

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Being convicted of a traffic offense can have serious ramifications ranging from a restricted or suspended license, to fines and jail time, and if alcohol was involved, the penalties become significantly more severe. At Gigstad Law Office, LLC, we believe every client and case is important. From your first consultation all the way through to the resolution of your case, we work closely with you to ensure your questions are answered and your defense is diligently prepared. We understand each case is different, so we work hard to analyze your circumstances in order to advise you of all your legal options.

Contact an Overland Park criminal defense lawyer at our firm immediately, if you or a loved one need legal assistance with traffic offense violations and charges.

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