Caught With an Open Container?

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Kansas has some of the strictest laws governing the use of alcohol in the nation. In fact, many counties are still dry, meaning that the sale and consumption of liquor is completely prohibited. It is no surprise, then, that Kansas' laws about transporting alcohol are particularly harsh and many first time offenders find themselves facing significant penalties when charged with an open container offense.

At Gigstad Law Office, LLC, we have built a reputation for offering affordable, effective, and award-winning criminal defense representation to the Overland Park community. We have ensured time and time again that our clients' rights are protected in the face of tough charges. We make sure that every possible avenue for a reduced or dismissed charge is exhausted. If you have been charged with an open container offense, get the representation you deserve—call our firm today.

Open Container Definitions & Penalties

Sometimes citizens assume open container charges only occur when they are "piggy-backed" onto a DUI charge. While this can and does happen, open container charges are their own, separate offense that can be charged even when no one in the vehicle is intoxicated. Under Kansas law, all alcohol containers that have been previously opened need to be stored in the trunk or behind the furthest seat from the front seat.

Penalties for an open container charge can include:

  • Up to $200 in fines
  • Up to six months of prison
  • Up to a year of license suspension

You do not have to let a minor charge like an open container offense upend your whole life. These charges can be avoided with aggressive representation. If you or a loved one has been charged with an open container offense, call my office to speak with a dedicated Overland Park criminal defense lawyer. Together, we can sort your case out and put this ordeal behind you.

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